As a speciality we are able to offer a cost effective, fast and flexible development and production of "specialist measurement devises" for deployment in experimental fields (e.g. for use in research commissions or by Diploma or PhD thesis)

ALPHA DCM 470 Liquid Dielectric Constant Meter
Permittivity Meter
in Detail
ALPHA DCM 470 The DCM 470 was developed for the exact measuring of the Dielectric Constant (Permittivity) of liquids, mixed liquids and solutions. Indispensable at the determination of zeta potential of suspended colloidal particles.
- Only 5 ml liquid amount needed for correct function.
- Easy to use, direct reading of Dielectric Constant from the display.
- Factory calibrated or customer calibration with reference liquid.
- Rugged and easy to clean probe.
ALPHA TDR-5000 High Frequency
Liquid Dielectric Constant Meter
in Detail
ALPHA TDR-5000 The TDR-5000 is developed for the measurement of the Dielectric Constant of liquds or bulk goods. A two inch parallel wire sensor picks up the measure value. It is connected to the main unit via a 2 meters BNC coaxial cable. The measure result is available in nearly real time. So it is possible to observe and automatically regulate dynamic processes. Unlike gauges with capacitive measuring the TDR-5000 also can handle middle-grade conductive materials. For example, measurements lead to the same results with distilled water (isolating) or with mineral water (conductive).
ALPHA LM-1S Liquid Conductivity Meter in Detail
ALPHA LM-1S The LM-1S was specially designed for measuring the conductivity of liquids in waste water investigation and other biochemical experiments. It works with alternating current to avoid electrolysis effects. The results are almost free of lag, which makes monitoring and automatic controlling of dynamic processes possible. A 5 cm parallel wire probe is used as the reading recorder.
Other kinds of sensors are available upon request.
ALPHA KM-1000 Capacity Meter (German version) in Detail
ALPHA KM-1000 The KM-1000 was developed specifically for the measurement of the dielectric constant (permittivity) of fluids in the course of waste water examination. The instrument measures the smallest capacity values resp. capacity deviations with high accuracy. As measurement recorder, for example, a 5 cm long Parallel Wire Sensor is utilised, which can be driven by 2 coaxial cables of up to 8 metre in length. The resulting measured values are at one's disposal almost instantaneously which facilitates the monitoring and allows an automatic dynamic regulation process.