Michael Zadow



Michael Zadow
Dorfplatz 4
38162 Cremlingen
Telefon: 0 53 06 - 42 94
Fax: 0 53 06 - 40 22
E-Mail: michaelzadow@zadow-electronics.de

Bank Europe: IBAN: DE73250100300506079308 BIC: PBNKDEFF

PayPal: michaelzadow@zadow-electronics.de

How to order your zadow pickup system

Send me an e-mail to the address above, please.

I need your address and the transfer of the selling price to my bank account or to my PayPal account, please.

Give me a fotograph or a scan of the fingerboard like this one, please,

if you want me to make your special pick-up.
Tell me your color wish black or brass,

and if you wish a one-piece or a two-piece (standard) transducer.


The making of your special Pick-up will take 2 ... 3 days.
The whole system costs 329,-- Euro.

The pickup without passive mixer costs 259,-- Euro.

German tax included. Shipping is free!

How to order your zadow bass amp for 4 weeks testing

Send me an e-mail to the address above, please.