zadow bass pickup system

The doublebass-player mostly utilises a Piezo-Pick-up for amplification which is located somewhere on the bridge of the instrument.
Usually, in the course of the technical advancement, several types have been acquired to suit his instrument and taste and achieve the best pick up.

There probably isn't anybody that's really satisfied with the results. After much trial and error one has tented to give up. Depending on whatever system one has, problems such as these crop up all the time:

It's not possible to get a constant volume over the range of the fingerboard. There always seems to be lows and peaks.

Due to the increased amplification of the bridge´s system resonances the sound is too central, hard and unnatural.

zadow bass pickup
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In instances when high volume is required, this
often leads to feedback or undamping effects. After a such a Gig, the bass player goes home totally frustrated.

Dear colleagues, don't give up - here is the solution!

For the reproduction of low and middle frequency, our newly developed electromagnetic pick-up system is your answer. It delivers a rich, full bodied sound over the whole range of your fingerboard.zadow bass pickup system
With the help of our Passive mixer (no batteries)with its integrated filter, upper range of frequencies coming from your current piezo-pick-up (that containes the wood sound of the instrument) can be mixed in.  The mode switch is in the mix-mode (up) position.

The Result: A realistic doublebass-sound, as clear and unproblematic as an E-Bass!

The mode switch on the Mixer allows swopping between mix-mode and piezo-mode. When in the piezo mode only the piezo-pick-up is active and the base player is back to his former sound wich perhaps might be better for bowing.

zadow bass pickup system

Special Features:

Clear, rich doublebass sound

High volume without feedback
Quick and easy installation with touch-fasten   

Two piece Magnetic pick-up for fitting to the shape of the fingerboard and string curve, or

One piece Magnetic pick-up as special making

for you

Humbucking principle for hum compensation
Passive mixer without any batteries
Simple swopping between Mix-mode and Piezo-mode.
Existing Piezo system is still at your disposal
Note: only useable for steel strings!



                                One or two pieces in black or brass available  


Pickup system, black or brass, Passive Mixer, touch-fasten strips:

Outside EU:  299.-- €    EU members: 349.-- €

Only Pickup, black or brass with standard jack 6.3mm:

Outside EU:  239.-- €    EU members: 279.-- €

      4 week trial with money-back guaranty.


                             zadow magnetic pickup for 5-string bass

             See and hear zadow pickup system on youtube

 Don't miss!   Great young bassist Fredrik Solberg from Norway sent me this mail:

Hi! I have been using your pickup system for 6 months now, and I'm VERY pleased! The sound is clear and defined, and I never feedback issues. Here is a video of me with the zadow-system. Feel free to use in promoting