what working musicians say:

Amarican bassist Kurt Preston wrote:

I've played several gigs with the new pick-up, and just wanted to thank you!  It's a huge improvement in the clarity and quality of sound.  Beautiful little invention.


Michael - received safely. It works very well, fits perfectly and is just what I needed, thank you. I added magnets to the E and A strings to balance out my particular bass (Chadwick folding bass with Thomastik Spirocore). My piezo pickup (Realist Lifeline) is not putting out a signal strong enough to balance well with the magnetic elements, but I can separately preamp if I need to. As it is, the magnetic pickup alone will be all I need for the louder gigs.

Rick Wood



I happened to see a guy named Ben Kelly play upright for John Mark Nelson at the Cedar Cultural arts center in Minneapolis this past weekend. He showed me his Zadow pickup he had installed in his upright! It sounded incredible and I was blown away by its ability to reduce feedback! I have a number of large outdoor gigs coming up this summer and I was wondering about pricing and installation on these pickups! I would love to order one so please let me know more details! Thanks for making a great product!



Hi Michael,

The pick-up is Fantastic! Just finished a weekend of gigs
playing in large venues 600-1000. Your pick-up worked brilliantly
I used my existing K&K under wing piezo for my mid's and hi's and
used your pickup for the body of the bass sound and was able to get
a great clear and most importantly loud double bass tone. 

I'm very happy with your pick-up

THANK YOU.. my live double bass playing career got a lot easier and more enjoyable!

Kind regards
Jim Mortimore


Dear Michael, 

May I please place an order for 2 more of your fine bass pickups please, we are off on tour of the America on the 30th July so if there is any chance we could get them before then that would be amazing. 

I trust you still have the dimensions?

Many thanks.

Ivan Bunyard from the band "Mumford & Sons"



Federico Regesta from Genova/Italy wrote:


The pickup arrived yesterday and yesterday in the evening I had a concert.
The bass had really a good and powerful sound with your pickup combined with the underwood without problems of feedback.
I'm very happy!!!
Thank You.


American bassist Tim wrote:

i just wanted to let you know i've used your pickup about a dozen times now and it is fantastic!
i've used it indoors, outdoors, in small bars, on large stages - even in a baseball stadium! - and everywhere i've been it's acted flawlessly, giving my bass the round, low end i need for the full 'rock band bass' tone as well as offering some of the characteristics of my bass.
sure, i'd rather hear my bass unplugged or just with the piezo for trueness of tone, but for the high volume, rock situations i'm playing in this is exactly what i needed and i'm in complete control of everything.

thanks again, michael. i'll be sure to let other bassists know about it, too!

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Daniel from USA:

Hey Michael,

Sorry I haven't gotten back to you / given you feedback. The pickup arrived awhile ago but I didn't have much time to fiddle with it. When I had time, I realized that I needed to order a 1ft cable and adapter jack for my piezo to mix in. I finally got those today and got the setup all going.

I am floored. I love this pickup. I won't ever have to worry about "gain" or feedback issues, and I'm happy with how it sounds (I'm so glad it's passive electronics, and not artificial-sounding active electronics). Without my piezo it sounds great, but with the piezo mixed in, I get my former sound but even stronger.

Thanks again!


Hi Michael, how are you?

Just for your information I posted a comment about your PU on this international forum ...

Best regards

Giancarlo Campilli (Mantova_Italy)



French luthier Julien Regnier:

Hello Michael,

I think you remember me, I'm the french guy who have ordered a custom pickup few month ago...
And I've finished my bass now.
This email is just to thank you for this great work, because the sound of my bass is awesome (never expected it to be so good), very massive low end, and clear too. The strings balance is perfect, everywhere on the neck.
I also use the pickup with a "MXR octave bass" pedal, and it works better than on my electric bass !

Thank you again.
Warm regards




Alexandros is from Greece